Digital Code + Keypad Door Locks




    • With Hidden Mechanical Cylinder for emergency purposes
    • Scramble technology to avoid peeping
    • Alkaline battery for easy management

  1. 6000-M

      Keypad Smart Door Lock

      • Free handle to avoid destroying by violence
      • Hidden cylinder for vandal resistant
      • Scramble technology to avoid pee... View More

  2. 9000-M

      Slide-Up Cover Door Lock

      • Multiple Access: 1. Password 2. Card 3. Mechanical Key
      • Anti-panic exit function
    ... View More

  3. 918-3-M

      With anti-peeping technology

      • Auto locking mode and passage mode
      • Multi-level user entry
      • Anti – panic exit function
  4. 918-62-M

      Simple and quality Stainless Steel Door Lock

      • Simple and quality Stainless Steel Handle for durability
      • Alkaline batteries for easy management
    <... View More

  5. 929-M

      A durable door lock

      • Multi-level user entry
      • 304 Stainless steel structure for durability
  6. 968-2-M

      Simple design keypad doorlock

      • Rome-design handle for high sense of view
      • Scramble technology to avoid peeping